The Washington Post Reborn?

By Jahi Seifert

A seasoned editor at the end of his career reflects on his time at the Washington Post and give insight on how different it has changed.

Jeff Bezos

When Marty baron worked under Jeff Bezos leadership the company went through many changes and one of those was to be more involved when it came on digital information and getting breaking news out more quickly “But plenty was innovative, such as an online section devoted to breaking news continuously, a team focused on how best to deliver Post journalism to readers and a section covering video games and e-sports. (“A lot of it got replicated by The New York Times,” Mr. Baron said archly.)”

In addition, after witnessing the widespread protest over racism Mr. Baron implemented a position for editors and writers to cover race topics the idea is to see which articles are performing better in certain communities “Are we profiling people who may not be part of the current Washington conversation,” but are figures the Black community or Hispanic community might be interested in?”

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