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Main Idea: crunch culture has really negatively affected video games, and in my story, I was like to tackle how crunch culture affects developers and gamers.


Article 1

(Business insider)

In this article, it talks about the struggles video game developers have working in the industry with deadlines always upon them and caring an ea employees spouse wrote a letter explaining her concerns to EA about her husband well-being as she states, “we’re doing this love of my life comes home late at night complaining of a headache that will not go away, and a chronically” is a good way to show how game development can really cause poor health and also how little the landscape has changed since that spouse had written the letter in 15 years.

Article 2


This article talks about naughty dog’s work ethics while working on their latest game, last of Us, part two, and how multiple developers have come out and stated their concerns and even if making video games is worth it. Many of the developers of last of Us part two said that naughty dog has a very duality approach to things in the sense that it is the best work but also the worst one like one developer said, “They do try to take care of you providing food encouraging to go take breaks, but for the most part the implication is getting the job done at all costs” I think this is a great way to show how companies can be very manipulating and not really addressing the concern.

Article 3

(Gameradar link)

This article talks about Mass effect 2 barely having any crunch, which led to a successful working environment. According to game director Dorian Kieken working on Mass effect 2 was extremely easy due to how much break and time they had to get it done as he stated, “for me, it’s a great reminder that you don’t have to kill your team or throw crazy budget to have fantastic results” I think this would work well in my story to show how as long as the vision is focus and management is better you don’t need to crunch.

potential interviewers (subject to change):

As of right now, I would love to use Andre Couverthier since he is a twitch streamer and plays a different variety of games, so his input on how the video game development crunch affects him would be interesting.

According to a mutual friend, I would also love to use James Dallas since he really likes talking about games and the community’s future.

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