A New leader Rises and hope is delivered-Extra credit.

On March 22nd, 2021, CUNY York college decided to hold an event called Executive-Leadership-Breakfast where viewers got the chance to hear Lt Governor Kathy Hochul, a potential replacement for Mayor Cuomotalk, about the importance of small business in the time of a pandemic and why it’s essential for all of us to band together. It was a fascinating conversation, but I would have definitely loved to hear her opinion on Cuomo’s sexual assault and how going forward, how to read prevent these situations from happening.

Later on, they talked to Commander Ritland and Alejandro De La Campa about the process of getting York college being one of the focal points of getting a vaccination Center ready for people And talked about having giving out the most vaccine quick and efficient. I’m very impressed by the number of vaccines that have been distributed to people. It’s a lot, and it’s good to hear that we’re making strives to go back to a normal life. I also did like Commander Ritland’s talk about the process of moving the vaccine and setting up the vaccination Center. And it’s a very long process, but it’s kind of stressful when you think about it.

Overall it was an interesting event. I think hearing the process of how the vaccination Center works and the struggles of getting it done makes me feel like even though we’re far off from things going back to normal, at least during the right steps to getting there.

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