What were you thinking Microsoft?

Oh, Microsoft, why are you guys so confused one minute you guys are raising the price of Xbox to live to $120 for a year, then you guys double down on that and announce all free to play games will not require you to have Xbox live. You guys are very inconsistent.

Recently in business insider, Microsoft announced that the Xbox live gold membership would be raising its price to 120$ for the year plan. The internet erupted, begging Microsoft to change the price. On that same day, they changed their mind and were also allowed free to play games to use online features without paying for a subscription.

I thought it was a ridiculous idea for them to raise the price, seeing as though they already have the Game pass and if you get Game pass ultimate, it comes with Xbox live Plus, Game pass for the PC and console, and EA play so you pretty much get an amazing deal for only $15 a month (180 for a year)

It’s not a good idea to do that because while the Game pass is amazing, you guys still don’t have any real exclusive going to push consoles. So yeah, that was pretty stupid, but hey…

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