What happened at the Resident Evil showcase?

Capcom sure knows how to keep people waiting for some new information on Resident Evil but like always you guys delivered with a 30-minute long Resident Evil showcase talking about a bunch of Resident Evil news. Y’all talked about so many things I got to admit as a Devil May cry fan I’m kind of jealous.

They first showed off a new trailer for Resident Evil village and gave us a little bit of insight into what the protagonist Ethan Winters from RE7 is going to be facing in the sequel.

so far the game looks very impressive it looks like a spiritual succession to Resident Evil 4 but the only thing way more unsettling but At least you’re getting chased by hot vampire chicks if that’s your thing.

After that, they announced the release date of Resident Evil village it will be coming out on March 7th 2021 but you can pre-order it now.

They will be three different editions: the standard edition, deluxe edition, the collected edition

deluxe edition
collected edition

There is also a Resident Evil 7 and village bundle pack so if you didn’t play Resident Evil 7 here is your chance to get both

then they showed off Resident Evil gameplay and I have to say it looks like Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 4 had a baby.

Later on, they announce an exclusive PS5 demo called maiden where you try to escape the castle without being detected similar to the Resident Evil 7 demo so don’t expect any combat but I highly recommend checking it out because it gives you a few hints as to where the stories going. You get your first introduction to the vampire ladies that the Internet won’t shut up about lol

Then they announce reverses and pretty much the whole Resident Evil community just facepalm because it’s multiplayer versus game that no one really wanted… Except me

Only one cheering gif

Following that, they announce that there will be exclusive Resident Evil content in Tom Clancy: The Division 2 So make sure you get your hands on the costumes.

Go go go gif

One other thing they announced was the Resident Evil infinite darkness Netflix CGI movie. They didn’t give any release date but they did give us a little bit of information that it takes place a few years after Resident Evil 4 and Leon and Claire from Resident Evil 2 will be the main protagonists

And that’s pretty much it when it came on too the showcase it was definitely cool and I can’t wait to play Resident Evil 8 even though I know I’m going to be scared out of my mind.

Scared gif

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