Trailers….. Trailers everywhere

The Game awards was boring but there was a lot of trailers there… It was raining trailers.

Some of the trailers that caught my eye was…

A teaser trailer for Dragon age 4

Looking forward to it because I haven’t played dragon age game since Inquisition so it’s good to see the series return

Marvel ultimate alliance 3 it’s coming exclusively for the Nintendo switch

I was shocked when I heard this announcement not only was I not expecting a new ultimate alliance game but exclusively for the switch? Damn Nintendo you guys are rolling with money.

The character joker from persona 5 is coming to super smash Brothers ultimate as it’s first DLC


I didn’t see it coming!!!


Crash Team Racing remaster is coming a June 21st, 2019

now this game takes me back I was never into Mario kart but I was always into crash team racing and to have it be remade it is a nice surprise.

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!! 11!!!!!!!

No words need to be said….

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