They are consequences for not listening…

One of my favorite developers is BioWare the reason being is because they’ve always had Rich story, interesting lore, and most importantly memorable characters.

(Garris is the best wingman/bro you can ever ask for)

The newest game Anthem is going to be a very big departure then what they’re usually doing because this is going to be an always online drop-in drop-out co-op game similar to like Destiny is

Recently BioWare and their publisher EA announced that there will be a close alpha beta for a handful of people people who signed up. and there was one player who got in and literally forgot one of the basic rules of an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) don’t break said rule and now he paying for it.

So since he broke the rules they can no longer play any EA origin games library after breaking said rules as a full article explaining situation right here

No word if the player will get back his account I will say it is kind of harsh that EA blocked all his games and he can’t use them anymore just for broke the rule and started streaming the alpha. On the other hand that’s what happens when you break the rules, you get banned.

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