The Grammy wish it was this cool…

Is that time of the year again when a bunch of fans of video games come around and argue which game was better only to find out none of the games you actually like won the game of the year. That’s right, and the game awards show is here again.

For those who are unaware of what the game award show is, it’s basically where publishers, developers, celebrities, content creators, and fans of video game come together and not only accept awards for all the hard work they put into making games but to show off upcoming games it’s basically the Oscars but cooler.

The cool part is if there was a particular game you were interested in, but you haven’t purchased. Usually, the game that is nominated or wins the award goes on sale, so keep your eyes peeled.

They have different nominations for different categories, but the one I’m mostly interested in is the game of the year because this year’s list is exciting.

The nominees of the game of the year are:

Doom eternal
Final Fantasy 7 remake
Ghost of Tsushima
Animal Crossing: New horizon
The last of us part 2

Out of all the games to win the game of the year, I think the ghost of Tsushima has the most likely to win because everyone pretty much agrees that it was an amazing game because of its beautiful world and fun/rewarding combat and stealth encounters I hate to use this terminology. Still, it made you feel like a samurai feudal Japan, so have a good feeling is going to win, so pat yourself on the back Sucker Punch studio.

That being said, I really hope last of us part 2 wins Game of the year not because it deserves it, but I want to troll people and see everyone angry and pissed that it one game of the year based on all the controversy due to the narrative decision naughty dog made… To me, it would be a beautiful experience. 

But that’s the beauty of the game awards anybody could win, and you can have a voice in who wins if you go and vote for which nominees should win.

The award show starts at 12.10.20 

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