The devil has answered your prayers :)

Ever since the announcement of Devil May Cry 5. fans (including me) have been begging and pleading to Capcom to make a collector’s edition for Devil May Cry 5 and recently they have answered that prayer by announcing a collection edition.

The collection edition will cost 149.99 (yes you better start saving up if you want this bad boy)

It comes with…

.Copy of Devil May Cry 5 deluxe edition
(The deluxe edition comes with 4 exclusive devil breaker weapon, live-action cutscenes, changeable battle music from previous games, alternate style rank announcer and title call and a bonus weapon for Dante)

. A premium Case

. Replica Van from the game

. Art book and notes from Nico’s workbench

. A premium pin

. “I love Osaka” bumper sticker

. 11 x 17 exclusive cloth print

You better pre-order now if you want this bad boy. you can purchase it at Amazon and the link for it is right here.

Pretty cool addition however not a huge fan of the van. I wish it was a statue of Dante or Nero but what can you do beggars can’t be choosers

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