Stand by for…..Apex legends?

Out of nowhere respawn entertainment launched a new game called Apex Legends. A free to play Battle Royale game like pubg and fortnite 

and the craziest thing is it already made 10 million players in just three days (now 25 million)

for those of you who don’t know who respawn is they’re the same people who brought it us the original modern warfare 1 and 2 games but also loudest Titanfall 1 and 2 which if you have never played Titanfall to I highly recommend it has one of the best single player campaigns I played in a long time.

In this article, it also talks about how it be fortnite milestone which took two weeks for them to get to that player base. Vince Zampella respawn CEO said that “we knew it would be a list to take the franchise in this direction go free-to-play and do a surprise launch… But we fell in love with Apex legends and wanted, needed, other people to play it, too”

Is it good to hear that respawn is doing well after the commercial failings of Titanfall 2 after it being stuck around a heavy launch window with the release battlefield 1 and call of duty infinite warfare (thanks a lot EA) and even though I would have preferred a Titanfall 3 at least respawn is getting the recognition that they deserve.

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