Royal guard FTW!!

Devil May Cry 5 is around the corner and I’m so excited to hear my boy Reuben Langdon reprise his role as Dante. Now if only he can stop having a near-death experience.

Recently Reuben Langdon the voice actor behind the legendary demon Slayer himself Dante was shot six times while filming a documentary in Copeland.

While filming a documentary called Visions of the Age a gunman came up to his vehicle and tried to open the passenger door and then open fire.

Luckily Reuben and his friend Steve Copeland are okay but the car is pretty banged up. Steven posted a video on his Facebook showing all this off.

As well as an article to read the full story.

I’m glad Reuben and Steve are okay. I would hate to lose a great talent like Reuben to some petty criminal. 

If this event has taught me anything Reuben is truly Dante because his Royal guard is on point lol JK

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