My Final Blog Post…. Farewell

Well is that time of the semester again. Where I have to get prepare for finals by panicking.

Also, it’s a time to reflect on all the things I accomplish from joining through CT101

I really did enjoy CT101 member first time being in the classroom I was so nervous because it was a whole new environment but professor Rseslow really ease me in to things

I learned how to make my own gif (which is pretty badass) 

But I think my favorite lesson I’ve learned was creating my own gif portfolio and talking about my idol Spider-Man because not only was I was able to make this cool little gif by myself but I get to show appreciation for a character that inspired me over the years.

Another thing I loved about our class is my personal website called Gamers may care and on this website I mostly focus on gaming news. Honestly, it made me feel like I was a news reporter.

but the reason I loved it so much is that finally got to talk about something I’m very passionate about which is video games and the video game industry so having a website dedicated to that what’s fun.

As for what I’m going to do with it after this semester. I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m going to keep it up and running because I love talking about video games and reporting on it I hope to eventually dabble into expanding it and allowing other people to post their own video game news and maybe review them. The sky’s the limit on what my website to do

Lastly, as for what grade I deserve judging by how much effort I put into my website how and how much effort I put into assignments I would say I believe I deserve a (B+) because I put in a lot of hard work into my website, in particular, keeping up on all the latest news that happened in gaming and also making sure that I gave enough information for those who don’t are unfamiliar with gaming. However, I only say a “B+” if I’m being honest with myself I know I could do better I know I could probably write more in some of the blog posts and I feel like the vaporware assignment could have been better.

Overall I enjoyed my time CT101 in many ways it helped me Express my love for video games and taught me various skills like gif that I will use to harass my friends

So thank you Professor Seslow for showing me so much and for all your encouragement. You are truly blessed

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