My body’s not ready :(

If there’s one president company I love you would have to be Reggie fils-aime of Nintendo American branch. Not only was he always ready to talk about games but he had this charm about him that really convinced you that Nintendo was and will always be the best system to play games.

However, recently Reggie has announced that he will be retiring from his role as president of Nintendo of America on April 15th.

In addition, he will be replaced by current head of sales and marketing of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser (Yes, Bowser is our new president. deal with it)

For more information, the article is right here.

Furthermore, Reggie sent the fans a farewell video

This really breaks my heart because Reggie is a really cool guy and it feels like the end of an era but I wish him best of luck and nothing but good health.

Farewell Reggie, you will always be the regginator.

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