Dad of War is game of the year

So around the time when god of war came out there was this great video on YouTube of Corey balrog seeing reviews 

To me that video stood out because it showed that even video game designers are humans to and as much as we gamers give them shit sometimes for not doing stuff right when they make a great product we praise them.

with all that being said God of war took home 3 awards from the game awards show. one of them was best game direction another one was Best Action/Adventure Game

And most importantly they took home game of the year

I’m extremely happy to hear that it won game of the year because I remember in an interview Corey balrog (game director) talking about there was one moment where him and his team felt like the game wasn’t coming together and they felt like giving up but they pulled through and now they’ve won game of the year and it was well deserved good job 


All that blood sweat and tears paid off now where’s my God of War 2 BOY

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