CD Projekt Red you’ve been served

Imagine you make a game that’s been anticipated for almost seven to eight years when it comes out, and it’s a buggy mess. Then your game gets taken off the PlayStation Store, and now you’re being sued for lying to investors and misleading gamers. Jesus, these guys can’t catch a break

According to the article from polygon CD Projekt red, the developers of cyberpunk 2077 are being taken to court in the U.S. over claims that since the was extremely buggy, especially on the PS4 and the Xbox One version should have been known to the public and especially investors. Still, since they withheld that information, they are now being sued, so I hope CD projet Red has a good lawyer because this will be one hell of a battle.

I feel bad for the CD Projekt Red development team though they slave years to make this game the best possible. Now not only is it being hated by the community (some parts of the community love it), but now you’re about to be sued, and who knows the outcome of this whole scenario. The only thing I can help with is that it doesn’t lead to people losing their jobs.

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