Capcom, your really bad at keeping secrets…really bad…

Poor, poor Capcom, you guys can’t catch a break. Lately, you’ve been doing good by the fans by giving us titles we’ve been dying for, like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 remake, monster Hunter world, and a bunch of other games. Your redemption Arc has had some missteps, but for the most part, it’s been an enjoyable ride, so tell me why you guys got cyber hacked, and now all your excitement announcements have been leaked. 

In this article by IGN, it talks about Capcom issued a statement about being a victim of a Cyberattack by a third party who leaked out emails and server files on November the 2nd (hey that’s my birthday…. Don’t look at me I ain’t do it)

The servers had files of games that are currently in development for the next 4 years. These games include should I read the list.

  1. Resident Evil Outrage – Q4 FY21
  2. Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Q2 FY22
  3. Street Fighter 6 – Q3 FY22
  4. Rockman [Mega Man in North America] Match – Q3 FY22
  5. Resident Evil 4 Remake – Q4 FY22
  6. Monster Hunter 6 – Q2 FY23
  7. Biohazard Apocalypse – Q3 FY23
  8. “SSF6” – Q4 FY23
  9. Final Fight Remake – Q2 FY24
  10. Power Stone Remake – Q3 FY24
  11. Ultra SF6 – Q4 FY24
  12. Resident Evil Hunk – Q4 FY24

As a fan of Capcom games is so little exciting but also very disheartening to know that most if not all their releases for this coming years are out, which leads to no real excitement since you pretty much know all the games coming from them until 2025. And I don’t particularly appreciate that there are already plans for three different versions of Street fighter 6 when we haven’t even seen any footage of it.

But on the flip side, some of these announcements are really damn cool. Out of all of them, I would say the one I’m most excited about is dragon’s dogma 2 and Resident Evil 4 remake. since dragon’s dogma, one was a really great dungeon and dragon game with combat that sort of like Devil May cry (which the creator of dragon’s dogma also is the game director for Devil May cry 3,4, 5)

Also, Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. I can literally reprise all the lines of that game, so to know that a remake is coming is very exciting but also scary, but we’ll see how it pans out.

Overall I hope Capcom will find a way to make still people excited even though we pretty much know what they’re doing for 4 years, but I think what really hurts the most is that there’s no marvel vs. Capcom 4 or an HD collection of all the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Please, Capcom and marvel, GIVE ME MARVEL VS CAPCOM 4!!!

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