Bugout 76

So Fallout 76 is out and…..well…..it not looking for Bethesda because fan want there head on a platter.

The game is buggy and glitchy as hell and gamers are pissed there’s literally a video of a guy destroying GameStop because he couldn’t return the game. (I am not joking)

And it’s not fairing all too well with review scores the overall Metacritic score is 54 for the credits but the user scores are worse

the use of scores is 2.3 that’s ridiculous considering that they usually get very high scores but according to players the game is just unplayable

The Metacritic scores all right here if you wish to read what some of the reviewers are saying

Overall I don’t feel bad for Bethesda because their games are usually always broken to the point they earned the nickname bughesda they could have probably got away with this if the game was free but the game is $60 and no one wants to pay for a game that’s $60 and broken.

I do hope Bethesda learn something from this.

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