Apology not accepted… Yet

I always tell people communication is the key to any successful relationship. But it seems some people still can’t grasp this basic concept, and sadly CD Projekt Red is one of those companies because they recently came out and apologize and explain why the game is such a mess, and I got to say…

Recently CD Projekt Red made a video apologizing to the fans for not being clear about the game being so buggy and being a mess and providing a road map on how they plan to fix the game.

I know they said that they want to try and work hard to earn the players Trust back and apologize but in the words of Kratos.

You can’t possibly tell me you did not know that the game was a mess. Clearly, by looking at it, you can see that the game needed another three to six months to get it done and the simple fact that they think the PC version is good when there’s tons of bug and tons of frame rate issues pisses me off.

But we will see what happens, but they have a lot of work to do so far.

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