70$ for games? Press X to doubt

Video games can be an expensive hobby. you got to buy controllers which can take you 50 to 70$ or gaming headphones cost 30$ to 80$ and don’t even get me started on hard drives and or SSD you’re spending around $70 to almost $800 depending on how much memory you want to hold. Now, what if I told you soon you might have to pay $70 for a game instead of $60… I hope you like seeing a bunch of negatives numbers because that’s how your account is going to look like in the future.

This is a very interesting article from GamesRadar talking about the pros and the cons of games price being increased going into the new generation of consoles and for the most part I pretty much agree with everything he’s saying…. Surprisingly

I do believe that it was only a matter of time before we were going to get an increase in games and to echo some of the things he was saying I think one of my biggest fears that with the new price point coming soon that they will be less quality and charging more. I think a perfect example of that is the 2K series a bunch of YouTubers including one of my personal favorites a blackhokage constantly talks about how 2K game has been nickel and diming the fans and not really improving some of the features or server issues that fans been complaining about for years and now they’re basically charging 70 bucks for a broken game. it’s like they basically saying they don’t care but you guys will buy it anyway.

But on the flip side, I agree with the game director of God of war Cory barlog when he says “games need to go up in price I prefer an increase in price to the always-on cash grab microtransaction filled hellscape that some games have” because a lot of AAA games nowadays relies on way too heavily on microtransactions which ruin the game. A perfect example is Shadow of war

that game’s whole premise relies on the Nemesis system which basically every enemy in that game remembers you and you create this personal mini-narrative with you and the orc that you made as your nemesis. With the microtransactions in that game, you basically can buy any orc so it ruins the Nemesis system.

So I think going forward game developers need to be a little bit careful and choose which titles deserve the 70 plus dollars and what games don’t. I think a perfect example is how PlayStation went about a particular game called destruction All-Stars.

Originally that game was supposed to be a $70 game but I always saw it as a game that was worth 30 to 20 bucks now is going to be available for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription so hopefully game developers will follow suit with the same idea.

All we can do is pray…

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