Nier Automata: A Game No One Will Play

In one of my news articles, I talked about how Yoko taro games, in particular, Nier automata is an amazing game but one of the things I never got to mention is that I feel like his games that are very deep and complex to the point where a lot of people would probably be put off by them.

however, since I’m a huge fan of his work I wanted to take this time to recommend three videos that explain Nier automata and also analyze them on a deep philosophical level.

These YouTubers do a better job at analyzing and talking about the game then I would ever do so choose a video and listen to what they have to say.


Rock the Reference :)

I’m a huge fan of video games and Anime and when you combined both I can’t help but get excited 🙂

One of my favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z and it has had a lot of games but the most recent game Dragon Ball FighterZ have a lot cool references to the show.

I recently discovered a video where a person does a side to side comparison of Dragon Ball fighterZ recreating moments/moves from manga/anime.

I find it so cool because not only is it fun to see moments in Dragon Ball Z fans would probably catch be recreated in a video game but is also impressive to see that the designers of the game was able to recreate these moments.

2B Joins The Battle of Souls

Ever since Soul Calibur 2 the Soul Calibur franchise has always been known to have guess characters from other popular franchises. In  Soul Calibur 2 it was heihachi Mishima from Tekken, link from The Legend of Zelda series and Spawn from image Comic. For Soul Calibur 5 they added Gerald of Rivia from The Witcher series but recently Bandai Namco announce something pretty amazing last week.

2B. A fan favorite character (and my wife) from another game called Nier Automata joins the roster of Soul Calibur 6. Here a trailer

For those who are unaware Nier Automata is a hack and slash game developed by Platinum Games and the game is all about tells the story of androids 2B and her battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines.

So far there is no mention of when the character will be released but here is what you can expect the character to come with when you purchase her either separately or through the season pass with comes with all unannounced characters as soon as they’re released.

I’m excited that she’s in the game because I’m a huge fan of Yoko taro work. he is the director and writer of the nier games and I’ve always felt like he deserves more recognition nier automata really did that. Although on the surfaces games are kind of silly and really requires your attention in order to get the full picture, but once you fully understand the message on what he’s trying to say it really is an amazing game to experience. In addition, the way how he plays with things in video games like save files that we take for granted is really amazing and me going on this little rant isn’t really doing him justice so please go play that game.

(Yes that him I told you he was weird lol)

Glory to mankind

Yeehaw! it’s time to go back to the Wild Wild West

So it’s that time of the year again Rockstar Studio you know the guys that made awesome franchise like Bully and their most notable one Grand Theft Auto (aka the game that every parent hates) has returned for to the Wild Wild West with Red Dead Redemption 2.

The game comes out out today and the reviews has been crazy giving it a bunch of 10 out of 10

Here’s a link to the scores and what others are saying about it.

looks like another win for Rockstar is like these guys can’t do anything wrong.

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