The Last of the Negro Girls-extra credit

By Jahi Seifert

I love the article “We Were The Last Of The Nice Negro Girls” by Anna Deavere Smith because it is saying that up to this day, we’re still struggling with racism in America. Still, I think the part that really touched me is when the character said that she could only go to one slumber party with her white friend and that only was until 10:00 because the parents didn’t want her hanging out with white people. It is moments like that that I feel really devise us as people, but I also understand where they’re coming from because they don’t really know the parents.

If anything happens, I think the parents felt like they would always be wrong even if they made a good argument because they were black. And also does a very interesting on how different each generation is because she states that in the ’50s and 60s, her parents grew up with six or eight cousins or one to six brothers. I was thinking about my family tree, grew up with just four cousins, and heard that there was more than that was very interesting to hear back in the day. I also like how she talked about how the black community, particularly black students, felt after the assassination of Martin Luther King, and it inspired them to make be more demanding on what they want in terms of what the school should be teaching. It reminds me of the idea that it will take one person’s loss of life to inspire other people to continue the fight in their own way.

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