The Fight Of The Century: The story of Joe Frazier-extra credit

After listening to a virtual book talk title “sparring Smokin Joe” by Glenn Lewis, I said that someone who is not really interested in boxing was a very informative presentation. I think what I love so much about this interview is that it teaches me how a journalist works. If you want to take a story for an event that, in your opinion, is for a niche audience, you must find ways to make it appealing.

As someone who really struggles with that listening to this interview, Lewis found a way to make this cool little story about Joe Frazier and show Joe’s humanity and what he values most out of life. I take a perfect example of that is when Joe Frazier stood up for the waitress despite being a bar in the south, especially around that time with racism, he seemed like the type of guy who didn’t care about the consequences as long as he did the right thing it was well deserved. I think it’s because Lewis did a good job at explaining what drives a character, Joe, to do the things he does, and that’s because he sets up the setting and the time period so well that you can buy.

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