The Enlightened Journalists

Graduated journalism York college students come to spread the word about their success and enlighten Young inspiring journalist

                     By Jahi Seifert

When graduating from college is always a challenge to find your footing but for journalists like Janae Hunter, Levar Alonzo, and Khorri A. Atkinson they been doing bigger and better things after graduating and decided why not share some of their information with others.

Some people who are not really trying to be a journalist but improve just writing skills it was very interesting to see someone like Janae talk about her experience and how going to a particular journalism activity that requires you to go around the whole entire borough and interview multiple people makes you realize that you can learn a lot by just asking simple questions and also putting yourself out there to get the story.

They also offered a lot of advice such as not being so scared to put yourself out there and also being careful not to take a picture of a local journalism place because as khorri told the story about a student who took a picture from One News outlet and was sued and had to pay 2000 for just using their picture. Reincentivizing the idea that you have to do a thing on your own and not take from others.

This interview was very insightful and shows that people who struggled and pushed themselves just like any other college student can find success in the world of journalism if they strive to push themselves to achieve their dream.

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