The Downfall of Journalism: Will True Journalism Survive

By Jahi Seifert

After reading “Does journalism Have A Future” by Jill Lepore, it reminded me of this documentary I watched called Page One: Inside The New York Times, and it was this fascinating documentary that I highly recommend everybody watch about a real-life journalist trying to come to terms with the idea that because social media and the internet has become so easy to obtain news and information regarding any topic they feel as though people don’t really care about actual news and their biggest fear is that they’re not only going to lose their jobs, but people don’t care about how factual the news is. As someone who really hasn’t thought much about what makes journalism so important to us as a society, it was very disheartening to know that people would want to read a catchy headline instead of reading the article that pertains way more information and has legitimacy instead of some other places that regurgitate nothing of interest.

Page One: Inside The New York Times is available for streaming via Twitter. photo by Jahi Seifert

As for the article “Jill Abramson’s Book Charts Journalism’s stormy seas with some personal regrets and score-settling” by Nicholas Thompson, I do like the idea that Abramson exposes a lot of the corruption that goes into journalism and the sexist undertones that come with working at the job it gives you this idea of what sense of like as a woman working for a company like a vice. Still, I also liked how vice also came around and exposed some of the plagiarism elements in her book, and she owned up to her mistakes; however, it still doesn’t excuse all the shady and nasty things they did.

Finally, the interview with Jill Abramson by Rachel cook and I like the fact that they talked about Donald Trump’s election raised the interest in news and journalism because I did notice when Trump got elected and even throughout his four years run every single social media account would talk about him non-stop. Still, you only ever hear true journalism talk about the things that he’s done for the country or what he plans to do rather than following every word for word he said when you’re on social media, it’s like you can’t escape you Donald Trump which I also feel is what led to the overwhelming amount of hate plus defense on his behalf.

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