Storm The Capitol

By Jahi Seifert

I watch the discussion about many political topics such as the January 6 riot, Joe’s inauguration, and former president Biden’s impeachment, and I got to say for someone who is not really interesting in politics, this was very interesting. One of the conversations that really interest me was the talk about the January 6th riot. I talked about the difference between a riot and a coup. One of the basics differences is that a cool focus on overthrowing the government rather than making a point from what I gathered and is extremely more violent than a riot in the sense that they’re actually looking for blood more than a riot which is way less unorganized.

Tim on January 6 photo by Jahi Seifert

Robert Chaouad also went into more detail about a coup and talked about self-coup, and defined it by trying to keep their position by starting an incident that will eliminate everyone in position except themselves. These were all things I never really considered while watching the riot never really thought there was a difference between a riot and it cools up until now, so I found it very interesting. As for some of the questions, the idea that another riot would happen to me is a good one because I personally believe another riot will happen, especially if Trump decides to run again. I feel that word inspires people to act up again, but I don’t think it would happen in Washington, just like Palazzo said. I feel like it will happen somewhere else that’s even more important, like the UN or something on that level.

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