Breaking News: Trump Say… – extra credit

By Jahi Seifert

After reading the article “The amplifying Trump tweets about election integrity” by Claire Wardle, it was fascinating to realize how many times Trump has treated ever since he’s gone into office but just over 12,000 times from January 1, 2020, to January 19th, 2021. Someone who is always on his social media accounts, I find it interesting that Donald Trump tweets more than me, and I’m just a 26 old college student, and he’s running the government and has all this spare time to tweet about things.

a old Trump tweets from Twitter Photo by Jahi Seifert

What makes this article interesting is how much new stations continuously report Trump tweets. You have MSNBC airing his tweets around 11 hours a day, CNN 10 hours, and Fox news 9 hours, and when you add all of that up, that’s 32 hours of hearing Trump talk about things you don’t want to hear. When you hear stuff like this, it makes you wonder why news stations decide to show office treats frequently. I would love to say that it’s for a rating or to keep everybody informs of what he’s saying, but what I theorized is that it’s a way for some of the news stations to get people riled up in and generally Fed up with Trump so it would make people want to hate Trump even those who really don’t even care about politician stuff like myself have found myself saying multiple times how much I wouldn’t say I like Trump even though I don’t really pay attention all too much to what’s going on when it comes on to politics. I personally feel like this article does a pretty good job at reminding people how manipulating the news can sometimes be and how you must do your own research to come up with your own conclusions on a particular situation because if you rely on the media. At the same time, you’ll get one side of the story. You won’t get a complete picture of the story.  

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