Beta Testers: The Fear Of The Vaccines

Although the vaccine in our grass, many people opt to take it because of fear and concern it doesn’t work.
By Jahi Seifert

While 2021 is showing a lot of progress in healing the damage that covid-19 set last year, new fear around the community is that the vaccine isn’t going to work.

2020 was a year of fear, and anxiety was up to the roof because the covid-19 took so many lives, and not knowing who had the coronavirus made everyone paranoid. However, now that it’s 2021, things are looking a lot brighter Thanks to modern medicine, we have a vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson; however, due to how fast the vaccine was produced. Many complications people are having with the vaccine have led to many fear, and people decide not to take the vaccine.

Kingsbooks vaccination center photo by Jahi Seifert

A lot of the distrust from people comes from the recent incident where the federal health officials had to pause and recall the Johnson & Johnson covert vaccine after multiple reports of people getting blood clots which cause multiple people to die for it. A meeting with the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) to discuss these random cases and concluded that they have to warn that there is a rare possibility that people may get a blood clot.

In a Washington Post article, they talk about how a Pole was done after the news broke out about the blood clots in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, how many people that were not vaccinated was willing to take, and what we found was 73% of Americans did not want to take the vaccine after the situation and only 22% of people was still willing to take it. The article state, “The poll’s evidence of lower faith in the safety of the Johnson & Johnson shot emerges as public health officials acknowledge that, four months after the start of the largest mass vaccination campaign in U.S. history, residents who remain unprotected against the coronavirus are becoming difficult to reach.

The reasons include their mobility, geography or hesitancy to get an inoculation against the virus, which has infected more than 32 million people nationwide and killed more than 571,000.” The survey also raised a question on whether those who haven’t taken the vaccine should be requested to resume either going to work or college, with 45% of Americans supporting the idea. At the same time, the other half found it very rude to be asked to take the vaccine to go to work or college.

Kid take vaccination shot photo by Jahi Seifert

NBC news article brings it inside to even those who have taken the vaccine still have fair and concerns about still catching the Corona. We have people like Kit Breshears who have not stepped foot inside a store or a restaurant or have seen his friends in almost a year and even after getting the second dose of the vaccine. As kit said, “I fear that enough people are not going to get vaccinated, or they’re not going to get vaccinated in a timely fashion, and we end up getting a horrible variant that puts us right back to where we are,” Breshears, a communications director at a local university, said. “I don’t want to be sitting in a movie theater with ‘patient zero’ of a variant that bucks the vaccine.” and it’s not just him. Many more people feel the same way that even though they have the vaccine, the pandemic is still a thing, and they really can’t shake the fear that they could get the covert virus and feel like the vaccine isn’t as strong enough. When it comes on to Pfizer and Moderna found it was 90% affected by the virus, while Johnson & Johnson’s single door shot was 66.3% effective, and as stated before, it causes a real chance of blood clot.

The Fear of taking the vaccine is always running through the mine of Elias Salaam, who works for both Yext and Columbia University.

Q: why aren’t you taking the vaccine in particular

A: Nah, not really. It’s because I don’t think it’s safe. Everybody is different, and there’s proof people had side effects after taking it. Death as well. I feel like you can take/eat organic stuff, and you can cure yourself or protect yourself naturally. I don’t like people that listen to the media and then get paranoid.

Q: So, would you tell someone not to take the vaccine?

A: no, if you feel like it’s the right thing to do, then go for it. Everybody has their own reasons for taking it, and I’m not going to bash someone for taking it; however, I would like people to respect my opinion for not taking it.

Q: aren’t you a little concerned that you might get covid, though?

A: Well, I was sick only once, which was last year in March. Since then, I have been healthy. I had two doctor checks and took 5 Covid tests. All came back negative

Q: in your opinion, when will be the right time to take the vaccine?

A: When you’re traveling but if you’re constantly in the house, no time soon.

Q: Okay, so let me ask you this do you believe they should start forcing people to take

A: Nah, they shouldn’t force anyone if they don’t feel comfortable taking it. Some people don’t trust that the vaccine is going to work entirely. Especially since some people think it’s rushed

There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done before things go back to normal, but one thing’s for sure even though we have the vaccine, the fair of if the vaccine is going to actually work or not is always going to be a lingering thing until it is fully proven itself.

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