Into The Light: Digital Age Evolving Journalist-extra credit

A look into how the digital age is helping journalist evolve with the times

                    By Jahi Seifert

Throughout Eric Newton’s article, he does an excellent job explaining how new journalists are driving thanks to the digital age while some old journalists are struggling to adapt to the new age of journalists. What I like so much about this article is that in chapter 3, Eric Newton does a great job at explaining how we as westerners take for granted how easy and accessible news is about to acquire compared to other places like North Korea that sensors a lot of information from of the outside world.

Jay on Twitter talking about Canadian censorship is like North Korea. picture by Jahi Seifert

One thing that I never really considered was the cyberspace constantly spreading hate, misinformation and harmful things to the point where it’s almost like we’re in world war 3.o And after reading the passage, I could definitely say I do believe that we are partially free because you are always welcome to say whatever is on your mind on the internet and do whatever you want however there is a reason why in 2011 David Drummond Google’s Chief legal officer reported that governments try and censor the internet. After all, many people spread this hatred. Once that happens, it could lead to situations like the capital being stormed and people, particularly the government, don’t want another incident like that again.

Maura on Twitter talking about storming the capital building. Picture by Jahi Seifert

The knight foundation has a lot of work cut out for them in terms of finding out what is the best best way to change the way how journalism is being produced for both young and old journalist but one thing’s for sure their program is extremely focused on making sure that they never stop focusing on bringing true News to the people and that is commendable in a world that’s always trying to censor things.