I present to you the Degenerate Among Us Podcast!

What happens when you get a group of friends to discuss video game news that clearly doesn’t get out that much you get a bunch of degenerates. I present to you the Degenerate Among Us podcast!

This podcast is designed for everybody to watch. the main goal is to educate people on what’s going on in the video game industry but also most importantly to have fun so please check it out

We’re still in beta so of course not everything will be perfect but I hopefully you guys will enjoy it and get excited for episode 0

In this first part, we talk about the nominees of game of the year 

What happened at the game awards 2020?

Well, the game awards as come and go and like any award show, there were some great announcements, a few surprises, and a whole lot of angry people, but overall it was pretty good, so here what stood out to me.

When it comes to announcements, we really had some cool developers who worked on previous franchises come back and make spiritual successes. one of them is called back 4 blood, like a four-player co-op your friends work together and kill some zombies. It from the creators of Left 4 Dead, and it pretty much looks like Left 4 Dead.

Then we have a horror game called The Callisto Protocol from the same studio and creator of Dead space, and I got to say it looks interesting, but we won’t know what exactly it is until 2022, so that’s a bummer :/

Then a surprise sequel to A old franchise was announced call perfect dark, which is basically James Bond with a female lead but of course, there’s more to it than that, but I’m excited to see what they can do with the series since the last game in the franchise was on the 360 and let’s say it didn’t turn out so well.

Last but not least, you know you can’t have an award show without a surprising announcement from smash Brothers and it was surprising to see they added final fantasy 7 sephiroth into the game.

Now talk about the most interesting part, which is the winners, and I got to say it was a bloodbath because the last of us part two pretty much took home most of the awards.

Those awards include:
Game of the year
Best adventure/action
Best performance Laura Bailey as Abby
Best Audio Design
Best game direction
Best narrative
Best accessibility

That’s seven awards, pretty much half of the awards, and after going on Twitter and seeing the reaction, I got to say it was so entertaining seeing people argue about the game when most of them didn’t even play the game.

That being said, some games won some awards.

Those awards were:

Best art direction: Ghost of Tsushima
Best score/music: final fantasy VII remake
Games for impact: tell me why
Best ongoing game: no man’s sky
Best debut game: Phasmophobia
best mobile game: among us
Best community support: Fall Guy
Best VR/ar game: Half-Life Alyx
Best RPG: Final Fantasy Vll remake
Best fighting game: mortal Kombat 11 ultimate
Best family game: animal crossing New horizons

There’s a link to some more winners, but the point is At the end of the day is your game didn’t get a reward and just got nominated. It’s okay as long as you love it, and it touches you very personally. That’s all that matters. At the end of the day, everybody wins.

70$ for games? Press X to doubt

Video games can be an expensive hobby. you got to buy controllers which can take you 50 to 70$ or gaming headphones cost 30$ to 80$ and don’t even get me started on hard drives and or SSD you’re spending around $70 to almost $800 depending on how much memory you want to hold. Now, what if I told you soon you might have to pay $70 for a game instead of $60… I hope you like seeing a bunch of negatives numbers because that’s how your account is going to look like in the future.

This is a very interesting article from GamesRadar talking about the pros and the cons of games price being increased going into the new generation of consoles and for the most part I pretty much agree with everything he’s saying…. Surprisingly

I do believe that it was only a matter of time before we were going to get an increase in games and to echo some of the things he was saying I think one of my biggest fears that with the new price point coming soon that they will be less quality and charging more. I think a perfect example of that is the 2K series a bunch of YouTubers including one of my personal favorites a blackhokage constantly talks about how 2K game has been nickel and diming the fans and not really improving some of the features or server issues that fans been complaining about for years and now they’re basically charging 70 bucks for a broken game. it’s like they basically saying they don’t care but you guys will buy it anyway.

But on the flip side, I agree with the game director of God of war Cory barlog when he says “games need to go up in price I prefer an increase in price to the always-on cash grab microtransaction filled hellscape that some games have” because a lot of AAA games nowadays relies on way too heavily on microtransactions which ruin the game. A perfect example is Shadow of war

that game’s whole premise relies on the Nemesis system which basically every enemy in that game remembers you and you create this personal mini-narrative with you and the orc that you made as your nemesis. With the microtransactions in that game, you basically can buy any orc so it ruins the Nemesis system.

So I think going forward game developers need to be a little bit careful and choose which titles deserve the 70 plus dollars and what games don’t. I think a perfect example is how PlayStation went about a particular game called destruction All-Stars.

Originally that game was supposed to be a $70 game but I always saw it as a game that was worth 30 to 20 bucks now is going to be available for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription so hopefully game developers will follow suit with the same idea.

All we can do is pray…

The Grammy wish it was this cool…

Is that time of the year again when a bunch of fans of video games come around and argue which game was better only to find out none of the games you actually like won the game of the year. That’s right, and the game awards show is here again.

For those who are unaware of what the game award show is, it’s basically where publishers, developers, celebrities, content creators, and fans of video game come together and not only accept awards for all the hard work they put into making games but to show off upcoming games it’s basically the Oscars but cooler.

The cool part is if there was a particular game you were interested in, but you haven’t purchased. Usually, the game that is nominated or wins the award goes on sale, so keep your eyes peeled.

They have different nominations for different categories, but the one I’m mostly interested in is the game of the year because this year’s list is exciting.

The nominees of the game of the year are:

Doom eternal
Final Fantasy 7 remake
Ghost of Tsushima
Animal Crossing: New horizon
The last of us part 2

Out of all the games to win the game of the year, I think the ghost of Tsushima has the most likely to win because everyone pretty much agrees that it was an amazing game because of its beautiful world and fun/rewarding combat and stealth encounters I hate to use this terminology. Still, it made you feel like a samurai feudal Japan, so have a good feeling is going to win, so pat yourself on the back Sucker Punch studio.

That being said, I really hope last of us part 2 wins Game of the year not because it deserves it, but I want to troll people and see everyone angry and pissed that it one game of the year based on all the controversy due to the narrative decision naughty dog made… To me, it would be a beautiful experience. 

But that’s the beauty of the game awards anybody could win, and you can have a voice in who wins if you go and vote for which nominees should win.

The award show starts at 12.10.20 

Capcom, your really bad at keeping secrets…really bad…

Poor, poor Capcom, you guys can’t catch a break. Lately, you’ve been doing good by the fans by giving us titles we’ve been dying for, like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 remake, monster Hunter world, and a bunch of other games. Your redemption Arc has had some missteps, but for the most part, it’s been an enjoyable ride, so tell me why you guys got cyber hacked, and now all your excitement announcements have been leaked. 

In this article by IGN, it talks about Capcom issued a statement about being a victim of a Cyberattack by a third party who leaked out emails and server files on November the 2nd (hey that’s my birthday…. Don’t look at me I ain’t do it)

The servers had files of games that are currently in development for the next 4 years. These games include should I read the list.

  1. Resident Evil Outrage – Q4 FY21
  2. Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Q2 FY22
  3. Street Fighter 6 – Q3 FY22
  4. Rockman [Mega Man in North America] Match – Q3 FY22
  5. Resident Evil 4 Remake – Q4 FY22
  6. Monster Hunter 6 – Q2 FY23
  7. Biohazard Apocalypse – Q3 FY23
  8. “SSF6” – Q4 FY23
  9. Final Fight Remake – Q2 FY24
  10. Power Stone Remake – Q3 FY24
  11. Ultra SF6 – Q4 FY24
  12. Resident Evil Hunk – Q4 FY24

As a fan of Capcom games is so little exciting but also very disheartening to know that most if not all their releases for this coming years are out, which leads to no real excitement since you pretty much know all the games coming from them until 2025. And I don’t particularly appreciate that there are already plans for three different versions of Street fighter 6 when we haven’t even seen any footage of it.

But on the flip side, some of these announcements are really damn cool. Out of all of them, I would say the one I’m most excited about is dragon’s dogma 2 and Resident Evil 4 remake. since dragon’s dogma, one was a really great dungeon and dragon game with combat that sort of like Devil May cry (which the creator of dragon’s dogma also is the game director for Devil May cry 3,4, 5)

Also, Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. I can literally reprise all the lines of that game, so to know that a remake is coming is very exciting but also scary, but we’ll see how it pans out.

Overall I hope Capcom will find a way to make still people excited even though we pretty much know what they’re doing for 4 years, but I think what really hurts the most is that there’s no marvel vs. Capcom 4 or an HD collection of all the Marvel vs. Capcom games. Please, Capcom and marvel, GIVE ME MARVEL VS CAPCOM 4!!!