You have much to learn Young Padawan

Today officially begins E3 and of course as usual EA is up first 

and I was thinking about covering their conference but it was so boring I couldn’t even continue watching it. However, I was impressed by Star Wars: The Fallen Order.

The game takes place after episode 3 after order 66 was activated and labeled all Jedis as a threat and had them executed on spot. In the game, you play as Cal Kestis (portrayed by Cameron Monaghan is most known for his role as Joker in Gotham) a young Jedi how been in hiding for some time only to be discovered and now who is on the run by the empire.

Honestly, it looks very interesting almost a mixture between Dark souls combat and Force unleashed uses of force ability. I particularly like the fact that you can stop laser blast in mid-air like in Force Awakening

Overall it has a lot of potentials but so far from what I’ve seen it’s just a little average. Hopefully down the line will show off more cool things like potentially lightsaber customization but all of this is just a wait-and-see process.

Get ready for new Kombattant

Mortal Kombat 11 has been out for a couple of months and everyone seems to be liking it even if some characters are a little overwhelming (please buff Kung Lao 🙁 )

But while we’re waiting for some characters to be buff, we can feast our eyes on the new DLC character Shang Tsung.

He looks pretty dope. I love that he has his old movie quote and kentaro pops out of the opponent as a fatality (couldn’t tell it was him at first though)

In addition, I like the fact that he transforms into rain, reptile, Ermac, and smoke (R.I.P guys 🙁 )

They also announce who’s going to be in the new Kombat pack, these characters include:

Shang-Tsung (obviously)
Nightwolf (better have a cool design)
Sindel (please play like Black Canary)
Spawn (YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!)

And along with spawn there will be two more guest characters to be announced.

I got to admit out of all the characters they announce I’m super excited about spawn hopefully they’ll be able to make his cape look cool in combat.